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Tied to the Ocean Studio

22k Gold Anchor Mug

22k Gold Anchor Mug

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In the heart of the high seas, the Captain's mug told a tale as dark as the depths. A tribute to the lawless life upon the waves and the daring exploits of a pirate crew, their ship dancing on the edge of chaos. This mug, like a treasure map, hints at hidden coves, untold riches, and the thrill of defying the establishment. Embraced the spirit of anarchy and the untamed freedom of the open sea.

14 oz mug with 22k gold anchor 

Welcome to my world of handmade pottery made locally in Grande Prairie, Alberta, where each piece is meticulously wheel thrown and kiln fired, boasting exclusive designs infused with my creative flair and a hint of dark humor. From quirky mugs to whimsical bowls, my creations add a unique twist to your everyday essentials. This piece is not microwave safe but is dishwasher safe, ensuring convenience without compromising style. Embrace the unexpected with my pottery, where creativity meets functionality, and a touch of dark humor elevates your daily rituals.

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