About Me

I did a pottery class for fun at a local studio in 2015. It was fun so I went to hell with it and created a home studio. At the time I had no intention of selling my work, I just wanted a hobby for my spare time, but it turned into something bigger. I had all these ideas and just started to create and I fell in love. Everything I made had to be better than the last piece. I would consider myself more of a mixed media artist. My pottery uses stamps, silkscreens, molds, airbrushing, painting, and carving. I don’t like to create the same piece over and over again, that’s why you’ll notice all my pieces are one of a kind. With the pottery came the need to learn graphic design to incorporate details into my work. As I learned graphic design I developed an interest in patterns and colors and how they can develop together into something amazing. This is how I started printing my own wallpaper designs.  It’s just another way I can incorporate creativity into my life and doesn’t limit me to clay. So now some days I make mugs and other days I design wallpaper prints. 

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have by emailing info@tiedtotheoceanstudio.ca or giving me text 587-343-2944 during normal working hours (9 am - 5 pm MST)