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Tied to the Ocean Studio



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Meet Micheal

Micheal is a millennial absolutely riddled with anxiety. He tries to combat it by whittling spoons out of oak trees. He yearns for the old days with no technology. When you could light up a cigarette in Tim Hortons to enjoy with your hot coffee. Seatbelts were just a suggestions, and the seatbelt buckle was the perfect bottle cap opener for a cold case of coors light. Riding around in the pan of an old dodge on a dirt road was a regular Friday night activity. But times have changed,  and now he doesn’t need a real key to start his truck and the kids at school have iPads. It’s a weird time. At least he can still whittle spoons. 

When I sit at the pottery wheel, with each turn and pull, the raw clay is shaping tales of both macabre and humor. The wheel hums as the vessel takes form, all the while, I’m imagining my next characters and stories.  I create each piece with a touch of darkness and a dash of amusement. A mischievous grin on a skeleton or a grim character doing every day tasks, each creation reflects the convergence of my imagination and the clays form. My pottery becomes a unique narrative, inviting both a delighted shiver and a hearty chuckle. This piece is dishwasher safe but I would recommend handwashing, and if it has gold accents it cannot go in the microwave. 

Stoneware  16oz

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