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Tied to the Ocean Studio

Cyril and Cookie

Cyril and Cookie

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Meet Cyril

Pronounced Sir-AL (think Newfie woman yelling at her husband). He currently is trying a vegan diet to help with his high blood pressure, which has made him extra cranky and extra hard to deal with. He has also started gardening to help with the blood pressure situation but has a terrible fear of hornets which is counter intuitive to the entire situation. 

Meet Cookie

Everyone calls him Cookie (but no one knows why) he’s been in a decade long feud with his neighbours  regarding property boundaries and he’s addicted to pickled beets.

Each piece is made on a pottery wheel with a porcelain clay. I paint the white porcelain with a special black paint for pottery called underglaze. Then I carve away the black paint to create all my images. Each piece is one of a kind and due to the special qualities of my ceramics they are not microwave or dishwasher safe.

Approx 12 Ounces 

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