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Tied to the Ocean Studio

Carl Hand Carved Porcelain Mug

Carl Hand Carved Porcelain Mug

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Meet Carl

Carl loves ”smokin darts and breakin hearts.” On the weekends he can be found at the local Dooleys having a game of pool. He works on the boats but still gets seasick, it might not work out so he’s considering a turnaround shift in Alberta. 

This piece is a one of a kind hand carved mug. I created it with a fine white translucent porcelain clay, thrown on a wheel. I then Paint the piece with black ceramic paint. Then I carve through the black paint to reveal the white clay. This is a technique called sgraffito. It creates a highly textured design intended to help the owner with mindfulness and the ability to be present during the morning coffee ritual. Truly a one of a kind piece of art.  Due to the 22k gold details, this piece is not microwave safe but can be put in the dishwasher. 




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