Using Stickers for Fine Detail and Resist Applications in Ceramics

Using Stickers for Fine Detail and Resist Applications in Ceramics

Stickers can be versatile tools in ceramics, allowing fine details in various applications, including gold lustre, mother of pearl, underglazes, and glazes. 

  1. Gold Lustre Application with Stickers:

Using stickers as resist areas allows for precise and intricate designs. Here's how you can achieve fine detail in your gold lustre application:

a. Surface Preparation: Before applying the gold lustre, ensure your ceramic piece is clean and oil free. 

b. Selecting Stickers: Choose stickers that suit your design. Fine-line stickers or custom-cut vinyl stickers work well for intricate patterns and delicate details.

c. Application Process: Place the stickers on the areas where you want to resist the gold lustre. Press them firmly to ensure they adhere securely.

d. Gold Lustre Application: Apply the gold lustre evenly over the surface, avoiding the stickered areas. Once the lustre is dry, carefully peel off the stickers and fire your piece to gold lustre temps. 

(Tools Required)

( you can use both the cut sticker or the exterior of the design to create your resist area.)

  1. Underglazes and Sticker Resist for Fine Detail:

One of the most common ways to use sticker stencils in pottery is by incorporating them into the underglazing process. Begin with a bisque-fired piece that was painted the desired color during the greenware stage. Secure the stickers, paint another layer of underglaze over the entire piece. The stickers act as a resist, preventing the layer of underglaze from adhering to the areas covered by the stickers. Once the underglaze has dried, peel off the stickers to reveal the intricate design beneath. 

* vinyl stickers will only stick to bisqueware. You may be able to press them into greenware but they won’t stick on their own. 

  1. Sticker Resist Techniques for Glazes:

Begin with a bisque-fired piece and apply sticker stencils to the desired areas. The stickers will act as a barrier during the glazing process, creating a unique design. 

Cover the entire piece with your chosen glaze. Once the glaze has been applied, carefully peel off the stickers before firing the piece. 

Sticker resist techniques open up a world of possibilities for ceramic artists, allowing for precision and creativity in various applications, from gold lustre and mother of pearl to underglazes and glazes. Experiment with different sticker shapes, sizes, and designs to discover the endless potential of this versatile technique in your ceramic journey. 


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