About Us

Welcome to my world of art and design! My name is Vicky Parsons, im located in Grande Prairie, Alberta. I create across various mediums, including handmade, wheel thrown ceramics, wallpaper, canvas prints, and stickers. I also create educational blogs about design transfer techniques for potters, glaze resist stencils, underglaze transfers and silkscreens. My work is deeply rooted in themes of mysticism, folklore, and darkness, and enchantment.

I believe that art is not something to be admired but an experience to be shared. With every creation, I strive to ignite a spark of magic within you, kindling your imagination and inviting you to embrace the enchantment that surrounds us.

I started ceramics in 2015, which led me down the path of graphic design, and then down the rabbit hole into wallpaper, snowmobile wraps, ceramic transfers, you name it. I just enjoy designing in any capacity. Reach out if you have an unusual or unique idea because they are my jam. 

(This is wallpaper I designed to appear like a brick wall, it’s really just a normal basement wall)