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Tied to the Ocean Studio

Carl and Karen

Carl and Karen

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Meet Carl 

Carl loves “smokin darts and breakin hearts.” On the weekend he can be found at the local Dooleys having a game of pool. He works on the boats but still gets seasick, it might not work out so he’s considering a turnaround shift in Alberta.

Meet Karen

Karen likes to party. If she sticks with the beer you’re in for a pretty good night but once she breaks out the liquor look out. If she doesn’t end up in the drunk tank she’ll be passed out on your mothers front lawn.  When she’s not partying she also loves playing cribbage, I would probably let her win though because she’s a sore loser and will not hesitate to throw punches if you happen to beat her.

This piece of art starts as a ball of clay, this one is hand built , trimmed, handled and once dry I hand carved the images into the mug using a variety of carving tools. It will go through its first firing in the kiln which takes 12 hours.  I will apply a clear glaze to each piece which gives it the glossy texture and back in the kiln for another 9 hours. Once this firing is complete I apply a gold lustre which requires another 3 hours in the kiln.   Each piece takes between 3 - 6 weeks to make and no two pieces ever turn out the same. Please do not microwave or put this piece in the dishwasher.  

Approx 12 oz 


** due to the nature of hand building while also using porcelain, this mug is not a perfect circular shape. 

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