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Tied to the Ocean Studio

Walter and Cyril

Walter and Cyril

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Meet Cyril

Pronounced Sir-AL (think Newfie woman yelling at her husband). He currently is trying a vegan diet to help with his high blood pressure, which has made him extra cranky and extra hard to deal with. He has also started gardening to help with the blood pressure situation but has a terrible fear of hornets which is counter intuitive to the entire situation. 

Meet Walter.

Walter is a boomer who hates millennials. He thinks they are all lazy and make sure everyone knows it. His diet consists only of meat and potatoes which has resulted in undiagnosed scurvy. The scurvy is probably a contributing factor to Walters piss poor attitude and overall cantankerous demeanour. The owner of a Walter mug should be equally as cantankerous.

This piece of art starts as a ball of clay, this one is hand built , trimmed, handled and once dry I hand carved the images into the mug using a variety of carving tools. It will go through its first firing in the kiln which takes 12 hours.  I will apply a clear glaze to each piece which gives it the glossy texture and back in the kiln for another 9 hours. Once this firing is complete I apply a gold lustre which requires another 3 hours in the kiln.   Each piece takes between 3 - 6 weeks to make and no two pieces ever turn out the same. Please do not microwave or put this piece in the dishwasher.  


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