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Tied to the Ocean Studio

Resilience Canvas Print

Resilience Canvas Print

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Introducing my original art print that captures the essence of a tumultuous ocean and the resilience of a sailor. The print features a weathered fisherman, standing tall on a dock, with a fishing rod in hand and a seagull perched on his arm. In the backdrop, a giant storm brews, with waves crashing against the pier. This one of a kind piece of art embodies the spirit of survival and perseverance in the face of adversity. The sailor's unwavering determination to brave the stormy seas and the seagull's unwavering companionship are a testament to the power of resilience. This art print is a must-have for anyone who admires the strength and courage of those who navigate the ocean's unpredictable waters.

Printed on high-quality canvas, this art piece is available with a 1/4 inch border for framing or with a 2” border for stretching over a wooden frame. Each print is carefully crafted.  Whether you're looking to add a touch of art to your home or searching for a unique gift for a loved one, this art print is sure to make a lasting impression.

Order now to add this stunning print to your collection!

Print size: 20” X 15”, if different size is required please contact me.  

Upon arrival, the print will be rolled up, ready to be unrolled and laid flat. This allows it to settle back to its original shape.  Wooden frame not included.

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