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Tied to the Ocean Studio

Murray and George

Murray and George

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Meet Murray (the raccoon)

Murray grew up with a grandfather that played the accordion. He started learning how to play when he was 6 and never looked back. He works on the boats because it’s a quiet place to sing as loud as he wants. He’s also an Olympic level swimmer who can catch a codfish with his bare hands. Sometimes it’s easier for him to jump in the water and catch the fish himself then using a net. 

Meet George (the dog)

George enjoys peace and quiet, that’s why he decided to work on the boats. No noise, no chatting, no hustle and bustle. He finds Murray’s singing slightly irritating but brought a set of earplugs just in case. When he’s home he enjoys riding his bicycle on the side of the highway just enough to impede traffic. 

Each piece is made on a pottery wheel with a porcelain clay. I paint the white porcelain with a special black paint for pottery called underglaze. Then I carve away the black paint to create all my images. Each piece is one of a kind and due to the special qualities of my ceramics they are not microwave or dishwasher safe.

Approx 12 Ounces 

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