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Old Soul with Skeleton Hand Holding Mug

Old Soul with Skeleton Hand Holding Mug

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Being an old soul means carrying the weight of wisdom beyond your years. An empath with a deep understanding of the world and its complexities etched into your very soul. Old souls find solace in the wisdom of the ages and the simplicity of times long gone. While you walk a path that sometimes feels lonelier, you are filled with resilience and a capacity to inspire. 

This piece is wheel-thrown, and what makes it truly special is that I never replicate the same piece twice. The uniqueness of every piece means that owning one of these mugs is owning an original, never to be made again.  Your mug will be truly one-of-a-kind, showcasing the individuality and care that goes into each creation. Due to the nature of this piece it is recommended that you hand wash. It also has gold details and cannot go in the microwave. 

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