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Tied to the Ocean Studio

Moody Death Head Moth

Moody Death Head Moth

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Death Head Moths show up at different times in our lives. A sign of self transformation and growth. This moth is heat sensitive and changes color as the heat rises.

 This piece of art starts as a ball of clay, this one is hand built , trimmed, handled and once dry I hand carved the images into the mug using a variety of carving tools. It will go through its first firing in the kiln which takes 12 hours.  I will apply a clear glaze to each piece which gives it the glossy texture and back in the kiln for another 9 hours. Once this firing is complete I apply a gold lustre which requires another 3 hours in the kiln.   Each piece takes between 3 - 6 weeks to make and no two pieces ever turn out the same. Please do not microwave or put this piece in the dishwasher.  Approx 14oz

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