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Tied to the Ocean Studio

Jerry and George

Jerry and George

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Meet Jerry

Jerry is an avid conspiracy theorist. He considers himself a sovereign citizen and therefore hasn’t paid his taxes since 1997. His hobbies are forging knives and knitting pillow shams. His friends think he’s one eye twitch away from a total mental breakdown.

Meet George (the dog)

George enjoys peace and quiet, that’s why he decided to work on the boats. No noise, no chatting, no hustle and bustle. When he’s home he enjoys riding his bicycle on the side of the highway just enough to impede traffic. 

 Each piece is made on a pottery wheel with a porcelain clay. I paint the white porcelain with a special black paint for pottery called underglaze. Then I carve away the black paint to create all my images. Each piece is one of a kind and due to the special qualities of my ceramics they are not microwave or dishwasher safe.

Approx 12 Ounces 

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