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Tied to the Ocean Studio

Dave and Gerald and Aaron

Dave and Gerald and Aaron

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Meet Aaron

Aaron just started working on the boats. He likes country music and cowboy boots, so naturally he doesn’t feel like he fits in. He started work 3 days ago and hasn’t found his sea legs yet, he has  had an unnatural green hue too his feathers and has been trying not to vomit the entire time. Does everyone get their sea legs ? We will find out 

Meet Dave

Dave is a super creative guy. He loves to start projects but has a hard time finishing them. He also obsessively chops wood to stock pile for winter. He loves to play poker every Wednesday night with his buddies even though he never wins. He thinks his friends might be cheaters but is chill enough that it doesn’t really bother him.

Meet Gerald (The Fish) 

He owns a business called “The portable Hottub King” but everyone knows it’s a front for his money laundering business. He naturally yells when he speaks and is a close talker. Slow walkers make him explode and he loves a good pumpkin spice latte. 

This piece of art starts as a ball of clay, it is then shaped, trimmed, handled and once dry I hand carved the images into the mug using a variety of carving tools. Each piece takes between 3 - 6 weeks to make and is fired in a kiln three times. I use a translucent white porcelain.  If you are like me, and enjoy sitting in the sun while you have your morning coffee, you will notice that the sun shines through the body of the mug, it just makes the morning extra beautiful. 

Approx 18 oz 

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