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Tied to the Ocean Studio

Disgruntled Larry

Disgruntled Larry

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Behold the fury of disgruntled Larry, captured in this hilarious art print. Against the backdrop of a dark and stormy night, Larry glares with thunderous intensity and his feathers are ruffled.. Behind him a ship battles the tumultuous waves of the ocean. Hang Larry on your wall and feel the raw power and emotion emanating from his intriguing stare.
Larry’s backstory:  L
arry used to make money selling dime bags to college students. But since weed has been legalized there’s really been a drop in sales so he quit and opened up a greenhouse. Business is booming and he’s learned he’s got a real green thumb……. he’s still sells illegally caught Capelin out of the back of his truck on the side of the highway though….Recently DFO found out Larry was selling the illegal capelin. They confiscated his truck and now he’s not as happy and chill as he once was….

Printed on high-quality archival canvas, this art piece is available with a 1/4 inch border for framing or with a 2” border for stretching over a wooden frame. Each piece is printed by myself, in house. Whether you're looking to add a touch of art to your home or searching for a unique gift for a loved one, this art print is sure to make a lasting impression.

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Upon arrival, the print will be rolled up, ready to be unrolled and laid flat. This allows it to settle back to its original shape.  Wooden frame not included.

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